Combining the sheen of textile or leather and the shape of a wood, the Dutch designer Morten Georgsen creates a unique interpretation of the decorative plaster. He uses a special technique to bond the plaster to the tiles, with a gradual blending of the two elements. This way, the colors originate in the pattern of the tiles, and the image of the pattern is merged with the tiles as if they were cast on the tiles by mistake, splashed or glued on.

This interesting coffee table can be a very versatile piece that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s the perfect décor piece for a modern or contemporary home. It has a strange look, but it actually follows you and makes a great addition to basically any type of home. You can include it in your living room or even take it with you in the office, since it’s quite comfortable. It would have to be covered or concealed in order to fit in.