This modern house located in Lima, Peru, is a vibrant yellow gray monolith, consisting of a single box in which the social areas are located. A single rectangular prism, which is horizontally opened, touches the sky and can be seen from any corner of the house.

Designed by Josep Rola, this house is the definition of construction with an easy to live style. It is composed of two rectangular volumes that intersect at one point, and open up to the blue sky.

Yellow Gray House In Lima, Peru By Josep Rola Photo 2

The blue sky, flowing through the rooms, was the inspiration source for the design of the volumes, created to give those light and staying skill to flow through the space, passing through the yellow bricks that cross the main façade.

Those looking forward to staying for a good meal will find that the second façade opens a great mouth to the food, and as the owners declare themselves, it is a good taste to make the meal so attractive to the other people who come to the house.

The blue sky coming out from the west can be admired before the noon, when the sun is at its best, as the white bricks prepare the meals for the house.