Located in the heart of the Carpinteria Mountains, in Australia, this unusual residence was built by local engineering firm Rachcoff Vella Architecture. In order to have a clear view of the beautiful lake from inside the house, the architects decided that they would open the entire ground floor area to the natural light.

The lake is perfectly framed by the house and the naturally curved land allows the light to come inside the hall and the bathroom. Also, it offers beautiful views of the mountains and the sky. In order to make the access to the building easier, the garage was built first, before the second one. This way it’s a balanced and naturally integrated structure.

The building features two levels. The first floor houses the bedrooms. The master bedroom is on the third floor and the bathroom is on the first floor. Besides these two levels, there’s also a basement, a semi-open space next to the kitchen that can be used as a guest bedroom or entertainment area. The roof of this space is actually a roof terrace. The whole structure covers an area of approximately 40 000 square feet. It’s not a big house but it’s beautiful and cozy and it has the perfect proportions and layout to allow a large family to use it.{pics by Richard}.