This impressive concrete dyi pond located in the Lu maru harbor on the east coast of Indonesia is the type of feature that instantly catches the eye of anyone who passes by it. Dubbed the Dyki pond, this 3,722 square foot concrete structure made of stacked precast concrete blocks was designed and built by Ganna Design. Its closest relative, the Acacia, is 100 feet in length and 100 feet in width and the walls are 7.7m – 8.6m high. The construction of the dyi house itself and its steeper inclined landing improves the natural slope of the site.

The walls are clad in concrete block, which is a nick-note to the concrete structures in the distance that can remind one of the Great Australian Museum of Natural Sciences.

Concrete Dyi Pond In Lu Maru Harbor Island By Ard Hoksbergen Photo 2

Arid rainforest, green tea trees, and colourful butterflies will resonate with the youth of children sitting in swing seats at the trellis of the pond.

Concrete Dyi Pond In Lu Maru Harbor Island By Ard Hoksbergen Photo 3

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Images via the Architect.