The bathroom is not the place to use bold colors. Even if it may seem like the room is too small, there are plenty of ways to use delicate colors such as pastels, neutrals or earth tones. Also, there are lots of ways to include paintings in the décor. Still, it’s not as easy as painting the walls. Maybe it would be easier this way, but looking at the space and analyzing it is a different challenge.

1. Decorating the bathroom.

If you don’t want the bathroom to be the room that everyone looks at when entering the room, try to make it seem less small than it actually is. Decorate it with soft and pale colors such as white, beige, pastels and sometimes even with neutral shades such as grey. Use subtle accent lighting. The light will just make the room seem bigger.

Neutral Bathroom Ideas Photo 3

2. Using large mirrors.

Neutral Bathroom Ideas Photo 4

If you have a large bathroom that’s already large enough one can create a subtle oasis by placing small mirrors on the wall. It will be like you’re complimenting the space with a very beautiful accent element that also adds contrast. If the mirrors have a funky shape try something different, maybe a floral design or something abstract.

3. Colorful decorations.

Since the bathroom is a room that often needs some extra focus, you can make it a little more vibrant and fun with the help of color. Use bold and vibrant colors if you don’t want the bathroom to look sad or dark and subtle tones for the other rooms. Create focal points or use contrasting colors that complement each other.

4. A fresh coat of paint.

Whether you’re a passionate collector or not, you should always be prepared to paint the bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you do it once or twice a year or you’re just going to paint one of the walls. You should know that painting can really change the look of a room.

5. A fresh towel.

Give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint. You can use normal paint for the walls and you can also use a drying spray paint for the towels. If you paint the bathroom white then you can use a different shade for the towel. Make sure it’s not too plain just to look at.