People are different all over the world and they each have different customs, traditions and beliefs. But some of them are experts in different domains and they have a mind like no other. For example, things like home security and burglary modules are mostly popular with those who want to keep themselves safe. Others like giving the alarm clock a unique look. It’s all in the details.

We have a series of designs and collections created specifically for this kind of activities. The clocks are eye-catching and they have a very modified look. They might not look very familiar at first but they are actually very interesting and unusual. Also, they’re not for everyone. Some people prefer to have these clocks in their homes while others enjoy a minimalist and abstract design. It’s all up to you.

Old Alarm Clocks Turned Into Gorgeous Modern Wall Clocks Photo 2

If you’re a fan of minimalism then you’ll probably love this collection. It’s a set of 3 rotating glass domes/ telescopes and you can use them as wall clocks. They have a very peculiar look. The reflective glass domes/ telescopes make the clock-like structure stand out even more. It’s a very interesting look, not very inspired by the usual alarm clocks but quite unusual. However, the combination of glass and steel makes these domes/ telescopes great enough to feature on a modern home.

If you want something that would last more than just a couple of years, you should consider a glass-fronted mirror. The mirror could be your new best friend. You could match it to everything else in the room and it would fit perfectly in the basic interior design. Of course, you can also choose to display it in a more wild style as well.

Here’s another interesting combination of glass and metal. This time the mirror is attached to a large planter which in turn is attached to a metal roof. Note the symmetry of the scheme, the colors and the combination of warm and cool tones. In this case the mirror is further displayed inside the planter, becoming an important element in the landscape and especially striking and beautiful.