This apartment renovation was carried out by TENDER CANTON and located in San Isidro, Lisbon, Portugal.

It was completed in 2012, and has a simple and warm atmosphere.

Apartment Bedroom And Bathroom In A Development By TENDER CANTON Photo 2

Apartment bedroom and bathroom in a development by TENDER CANTON:

“The design objective was therefore straightforward: to open up the bedroom towards the living, bringing the indoor space closer to the garden, resolving the problem of a long corridor and leading on one side of the apartment a new toilet was introduced so that the new central toilet could be located toward the mezzanine.

About the toilet

It was important to open up the bathroom considering the keyholiness of the keyholmed bath; the new bathroom should be functional and share a toilet with the bedroom. On the other hand, it should be in a corner enabling a view beyond the bathroom to the living area, or, on the other hand, enabling the view from the bathroom to the living room and to be in turn filtered and lighted.

In order to make the bathroom reflect the rest of the apartment, the walls are covered with unfinished lava stone, recalling the neighbourhood. It is a small recess 1 cm (0.08in) from the body of the wall allowing the bathroom furniture 1 cm (0.08in) reflect the rest of the apartment.

In this sense, the bathroom décor becomes essential adding space for many items that are seen only once, and for which a discrete entry is required. The materials used in this apartment are unfinished, mainly natural stone and wood.

In the entrance, the cold concrete greets visitors with a low beam that directs the gaze to the deep window of the bathroom. If requested as a feature wall, this stone would provide privacy to the bathroom and would regulate the level of lighting.

For the rest of the apartment, the proposals derogate from the main furniture plan. The sofa, designed by the architect, is extended onto a platform to play with of the wood covered wall and the microwave dangling above the microwave. Under the furniture, the Amazon river stone is arranged as a bar dividing the sleeping area and the toilet area.

The elimination of the middle layer

The elimination of the walls is the starting point, on which rests the new defined furniture plan. The aim was to eliminate the walls between the living and dining room, since this is no longer the common space for family dinners (that used to happen a lotlier in the past).

The living room is now the new living area of the apartment, dividing it from the entrance hallway and giving it a more spacious look.

Putting the works of the professional onto the real needs

To make the bathroom a real relaxing space, we had to remove all the works of the professional, because we could not afford to buy any furniture that was not intended for relaxation. Therefore, we removed the wall above the sink and put in one of the most unique and important items ever designed for our babies: the Astro Chairs designed by Roberto Cavalli . They are made with nylon-coated solid oak and stainless steel legs and they have a design inspired by the flower called jade.

The Progetto50 bathroom furniture collection

The bathroom is a place where security and comfort are two essential components. It has to be a place where cleanliness is essential, in addition to a place where showers are located. The Progetto50 collection by Antonio Citterio is designed to meet these requirements. The collection includes furniture for a bathroom that includes a sink, a shelf, a mirror, a place to rest a toilet paper basket, and a towelholder.

With the Progetto50 collection, bathroom furniture is presented as a whole. It is designed as an open collection, which means that each piece fits into the overall. A particular aspect is the use of a very beautiful stainless steel mesh screen that is used to protect the toilet paper basket and keep it separated from the sink.

The Progetto50 collection also includes a toilet and bidet, made from stainless steel mesh. The drains are covered in mesh as well, making this shower a true stainless steel unit. The undulating parts are sleek and refined.

The Progetto50 collection also has all the necessary accessories needed for basic home functions.

The smart, space-conscious and minimalist washing machine are a magnificent centerpiece that really brings together all the elements in a chic and stylish manner.