The Foyers is a furniture store located in Curitiba, Brazil. Started by architect Alexia Semerena from Semerene Architecture in 2003, the company focuses on modern furniture design.

The foyer is a transitional area and it’s basically an empty room or shell, like a collection of boxes. The space serves as a visual guide and it’s also a flexible space that can be used for a variety of purposes. The foyer was designed as a space that connects the customers, the fashion house, office, stores, restaurants or meeting rooms. It’s a transitional space and it was particularly chosen to be the place where representatives of the brand would be made available for public viewing.

In order to create an interior that would be visible at all times, the foyer has been delimited into several semi-enclosed spaces that serve different functions. For example, the one that leads to the staircase has three small shelves that can be used for storage. The open kitchen also has three small and open spaces that can also be used for storage. The small dining area is also partially hidden by using glass walls. There’s also a third small area used for holding meetings.

Entry Foyers Remodeled By Semerene Architecture Photo 3