Flor is a beautiful green flooring variety created by Kim Seybert Architects.

It is a trendy color and can make a room feel warmer thanks to its natural tone.

Flor flooring by Kim Seybert Architects:

Flor Flooring By Kim Seybert Architects Photo 3

“Our firm is constantly concerned about the needs of our clients and this last year was no exception. The result was a wide-open space on two levels overlooking the garden. The space was a modern and flexible environment for the couple and their 2 young children.

We wanted to create a space which would be both luxurious and family-friendly. We wanted to make it a place of comfort and which would feel close to their family.

The style chosen for the flooring is tonal variation and high quality materials with a refined design.

We wanted this to be a warm and comfortable space. We wanted it to be kid-friendly and have lots of natural light.

We have created a variety of wood grain options which together form a modern look. To achieve this we used ordinary wood (solid oak is very popular forks) but we also created custom options, such as solid knotty sisal, honey-colored veneer, dye-colored veneer and others.

This year we helped to the environment by using bamboo flooring and changed the distribution of this venerable material.

With this approach we tried to create new uses for the existing flooring.

That is, what we call our “passion for the plain oak and its Neighborhood”.”

Photos by: parelline dus

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