Anything that is particularly useful for your home must be given special consideration so that you can make the most of it and less of it. For example you need a nice window frame that is both functional and designer. I have two small windows (aiming for modest look) so I wish I had a really stylish frame which could accentuate these features. This round window frame from Emma is perfect for me. It is simple, but also a bit special thanks to its shape.

It is rectangular in shape (meaning it is wide enough to cover two sides of the window) and this allows it to offer sufficient space for you to put a small flower or water fan inside. It is crafted of solid oak and currently available for $99. It is simple, lightweight and durable and the best choice for a modern stylish living room or why not for an office? What do you think?

Round Window Frame From Emma Photo 2

Round Window Frame From Emma Photo 4