This color is so refreshing and brightens up the entire house. It’s also a color that creates a great combination with the white and the black. The landscape and the outdoors become one and coexist in a very natural way.

A beautiful white cottage is waiting to be renovated in order to become a blue and white oasis. The idea behind the name of this project is very simple and easy to adapt. The renovation project was especially challenging because of the location. The cottage is located in a forest, far away from all the traffic from the city.

Navy Blue Rooms: Inspiration For New Season Photo 3

The renovation project was divided into three phases. The first one of them involved the organization of the apartment. The apartment had to be redistributed, as it needed to be reorganized in such a way that would allow beautiful views and natural light inside. The architects did that by taking advantage of the high level of the space and by creatively using a series of spaces.

As for the interior design, the color used for both the common areas is a neutral white. The rooms were functionally positioned in the house. The living room is near the kitchen and the formal dining area is near the wood/stone wood/stone fireplace island. In order to make the rooms feel more inviting and cozy, warm colors were used.

Navy Blue Rooms: Inspiration For New Season Photo 5