This next light shade pendant lamp from Italian lighting company Bosa was inspired by the open ceiling architecture technique popularized by architects and designers in the modern world. The shade is a modern steel shade in 3-DIG-style projection style lighting. Available in a range of colors, the pendant lamp has an industrial meets antique/rustic look.

The Steel Pine pendant lamp has a simple, sleek design with just a hint of industrial – subtle yet striking. The nod to industrial style is a great choice for any room due to its versatile style. The Steel Pine lamp would look great in a home library, as a utility light, office desk or as a statement piece. It would even be a great element for a simple office. The Steel Pine lamp is available in a variety of sizes, so you’re able to pick the shade that best suits your space.

To dim the light, go to the mounting panel, place the shade on the switch, and turn it on. The Steel Pine lamp is very adaptable and versatile. You can choose your fixture from composite, wood flame, LED, or cone pendant. Each Steel Pine lamp is carefully crafted by hand and ensured by diess, which are made using natural wood – the master crafts of the woodworkers.

You can easily connect this beautiful piece of life to your home with simple cable-management systems and standards of hauling and mounting devices. You’ll be glad to know that this Steel Pine pendant lamp comes fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about installation, which is a bonus in itself.

You can either dim the lights or the shades. When dimmed, the Steel Pine lamp is compatible with dimmer switches. When switched on, it immediately brightens the room by encouraging energy flow to the metal sheet. So there is little energy spent on producing energy for the light, and the energy is returned to the light via a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Designed to last, the Steel Pine pendant lamp is compatible with a range of smart home devices. (Note: SmartThings and Nest spokeswoman Carly Phantoms will no longer be available from 1st Party Network as of 2014.)

21. Lytle 6 – Light Dimmable LED

Up next, another humble LED dimmer switch available from Bosa. The sweet color of the Lytle 6 – Light Dimmable LED, a moderate-medium color dimmer switch can make a huge difference in how dramatic of a room’s main lighting or color. While the optical illusion is dramatic, the contrast of the metal to the wood is each interesting.

The Dimmable LED dimmer switch covers 5 colour options, allowing you to create the mood you want, with confidence. You can dim as quiet as you want, with the help of an index on the control panel, thereby making the dimmer controllable. Its performance will be determined by the presence of an index.

Having been rated for indoor use only, this LED dimmer switch comes with a limit of 100% gray indication. You can adjust the limit to maximum 0% gray, up to 100% gray with a My Lighting app.

You can benefit from a free 30-day limited warranty, during which you can return the switch to a neutral room to freshen out the colour. You won’t have to break the switch to get a new one.


A smart home is obviously going to be an benefit to your life, and a smart plug device helps make that much easier. With a range of benefits and cost-saving options, the smart plug device will undoubtedly lead the way towards a smarter home.

Just as important as the physical design of your smart plug device, its functionality is what sets it apart from the three other devices on a list. With a variety of smart plugs available on the market, you are bound to find one that matches your taste, range, budget and budget.