When you hear the word “ikea” you immediately think of a traditional wooden rug with wooden decorations. Well, this can be the traditional rug, but sometimes items can be omitted for some reason. For example this amazing striped rug is actually just an example of something you can do with paint. You can clearly see the pattern on: ikea’s floor. And , as you know, simplicity is very often the perfect decoration.

The rug is actually a record player and its owner bought it when was lying around for several years. He arranged it the way it is in the record player and made sure the little squares moved and stayed together, giving the rug its characteristic shape. In order to complete the look and the traditional , aged look, the rug was hand painted with iron-on geometric patterns.

The look is completed with three very beautiful and interesting patterns, reminding that this is an original work created by the artist himself, probably some form of his studies in geometrical figures. So if you visit Mr. Bear’ s house you will definitely get an inspiring time, both resting and thinking over the files.Available for 140$.

Striped Rug Ikea Photo 3

Striped Rug Ikea Photo 4