Just because you don’t have your own beach house doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to include them in your home interior design. This is an office with a Sydney airship pool and, think it’s so awesome. It’s located in Adelaide, Australia and it has a modern interior. The pool is the main attraction but there’s also all the other great features that impress. The designer that created this space has named his creation Brigada.

Brigada is a contemporary structure that also incorporates a series of other structures. It’s a collection of structures that were carved from the pear trees. It’s a wonderful addition to the property and it allows beautiful views from almost every room of the house. It’s a wonderful family space and it has a modern interior with elegant furniture and a simple but brave and dynamic interior décor.

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Since the studio needed an office that the owners could use whenever they wanted to work from home, it had to be an option that included a separate room. They called it the “Pauvara” room. It’s a space that they use both as an office and as a library and reading corner. There’s also a space where they can relax when they’re listening to music at the piano or playing different music. This space is a sort of private space from where the owner can relax and easily go to work, studying or anywhere else they need.

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The building that the studio is on is located in Melbourne. It sits on a 300 square meter area. It was a project by Jackson Clements Burrows and it was completed in April 2012. The studio is actually a new additions to a double garage squeeze into the back of the architect’s shophouse from the early 60’s.

The main reason why this particular studio features such an unusual and striking interior décor is because it’s hidden behind a 2500+ year old wine cellar. The cellar was renovated and now also acts as a huge games room, entertainment room and bowling alley. It’s a space that guests are invited to take a look at, where they can sit on a sofa and play games. It’s a modern and very inviting space indeed.