In our work we’re trying to be as efficient as we can. For example, if you have a computer, you work. If you don’t, you pay a lot. Also, if you have a desk, you need a chair. We all have a laptop or a computer with a computer of our own. We need to have these in our homes. However, most often we have very few sources of inspiration.

It seems that the lack of space in our homes has become an excuse for energy-efficient homes. It’s that time to make some changes in our homes, to make them friendly for our customers and use them better than they were before. It’s called the “ecology-friendly home”. These unusual eco-friendly elements are combined with the efficiency of the existing heating and air-conditioning systems to create a totally new living space.

The whole concept was the result of a study by Henning Larsen of Larsen+Brunet. The owner of the house is a climate change expert. In has found a new way of dealing with cold and gain heat as soon as possible in the winter. This allows us to stay warm and cozy during the winter and also to save energy and money this way. We have chosen to keep the heated surfaces and the ceilings at a higher level than the insulation. We have added a heating system made of: insulated panels, ceiling-mounted radiators, heating and ventilation machines. The heating is done with energy that is produced by solar panels on the top of the house.

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The house is now complete and ready to be used. The beautiful place is now the place that the owner can spend time, with friends and family, working in the garden or admiring the sun at sunrise and sunset. It’s a place that encourages people to be and to work, because the only thing better than being home is being away from the town and everyone you know. Some people even choose to live in a permanent house, a base from where they can work and feel like they’re in a beautiful dream place, away from the stressful routine of life. “

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Photos by: Simon Brask

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