If you’re looking for something a little more charming than a stone cottage or a garden, consider this beautiful area. It’s perfect for a family of three as well as for large groups of friends. Here you can find a wide variety of private gardens and terraces with stunning views. There’s plenty of room for a large lounge and a comfy daybed and even a gazebo.

The gardens are usually free of all hardscapes and very rarely occupied. Because of their small size, if you decide to buy one you’ll have to put it on the balcony or on the porch or turn it into a gazebo. The stone cottages and gardens which you can view here are usually made from trees that have fallen on the land and they have an area of 10 square meters or more. The gardens are very beautiful not only because of their size but also because of the way they preserve the stones and the aesthetic beauty of the surrounding area, especially in summer.

These gardens are not tiny but they are very beautiful and they offer very beautiful views, especially at night. All the gardens are beautifully organized and they have natural vegetation and natural stones, not wasting much space. The views from there are also very beautiful and they are spectacular and inspiring. Still, as a guest, I wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping in there.

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