Gray, an elegant and versatile color, looks especially nice when combined with black and white. You can either paint the walls or you can choose to keep them white. In addition, a black kitchen looks particularly well, especially when it has a high ceiling. Cattelan Italia also offers a series of gray kitchen ideas. The designs are simple and elegant and they go well with wooden furniture and floors.

The best thing about gray as a color is that it can be both elegant and neutral. It can be combined with all sorts of colors but it’s always careful to create a serene and neutral atmosphere, not like some of the other shades. The kitchen should be a nice place to settle in and to enjoy your meals. The design of the furniture should should match the style you have chosen for the décor of the room.

The most common shade used by the kitchen in most kitchens is the default dark gray. It goes really well with most other colors and it’s the shade chosen for this specific room. As you can see, creating a serene and relaxing kitchen décor is not that difficult. The most important element is the way you have chosen to decorate it. Determine what type of furniture you’d like to have and in what dimension you plan to use the walls. If none of the furniture is arranged in a repetitive pattern then the décor will seem amateur, overwhelming and not at all appealing.

Most often, the walls of a kitchen are painted in a light shade of gray or, in this case, white. In addition, white can also be the accent color that the room needs to feel fresh and stylish. But even more colorful accent walls would still be a wonderful feature. In this case, perhaps combining colors is the best solution. If you don’t want to use white extensively but still want to create a calm atmosphere, add a few colorful decorative details and centerpieces that can be enjoyed from anywhere.