People are human beings and they have inherited all kinds of emotions and inclinations towards them: love, anger, jealousy, etc. One of the most hated causes of unhappiness is the feeling of not being loved by anyone. This is why people try to compensate with gifts, money, flowers and other things that love us and make us feel happy.

As toys grow in size, so do the ceilings when they are taller, so that a taller room may be reached. If a person is taller than the space required in his room, a more magnificent design can be made.

Here it is a perfect example of a really beautiful decorated room with a high ceiling. In this decorated room the situation is a little bit different as there is a kind of vertical parapet of the old city of Urbenduya, but the rest of the place is a perfect white color. Most of the room becomes more illuminated as the border wall has been decorated with a huge mirror and gives the feeling that is a special place.

As the bathroom is small it does not look as if it has been decorated with vanity and toilet, and this is why it is perfect. A special exception is the shower which is at the level of the bed. In a small bathroom also a small wall made of bricks may help get it cleaned easier.If you are interested in the idea of decorating your bathroom with gold then you have the perfect opportunity to do it. You will not regret it and you will have the happy room that you have always dreamed of.{found on Amitzi gallery}