The loft ceiling is a special architectural detail that can be best described in one word: open. In fact, a loft ceiling has an inner space that allows it to be viewed from outside as a room with a view of the roof. This way, from the entrance, you can see the roof and the atmosphere that is pleasing to the eye.

This detail is the proof that a home can be very bright and filled with light if it has the necessary conditions and a certain interior design style.When you decide to remodel and renovate a place, you have the freedom to choose the pieces of furniture and the walls, but you also have the chance to change the entire décor, taking into account the loft, if it’s a converted attic.

In this case, some fundamental changes have been made, like the transformation of the interior walls, closet, which has yielded a new way of distribution, leading to new openings and a new perspective over the entire place.

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nastasi Photo 3

The loft is very generous and has an open plan that allows you to admire the entire space and the views.The white and green color that has been used throughout the entire house and the large glass walls and doors that have been installed save energy and make the place closer to the light.

Loft Ceiling By Fabio Nastasi Photo 4