If you’re among those who would love to work in a plush home but couldn’t quite get there, you’re not alone. In fact, many people would like a dreamy home just like any other. But turning this wish into a reality is not easy. But with perseverance, creativity and some of the talented designers and architects on this list, you can come to a total piece of heaven.

This contemporary home is located in the Chilean coast town of Valle de Bravo. It’s a traditional country house with what could only be described as an eclectic interior. The designers responsible for the remodel were Guerreche of Guerreke Architech, a family business led by a constant source of creative ideas.

The home features a lot of wood which, despite its fragile look, is in fact a masterful design detail. It’s why the designers chose to preserve the large diameter wood beams in the ceiling and didn’t dismantle them, leaving only small spaces where they were able to fit all the new decorative pieces.

Modern Craftsman Interiors With Modern Flair And Luxury Photo 3

The owner preferred a casual interior décor but finding the right balance between what’s simple and what’s rustic and made of wood was a hard task. The exposed beams and the organic shape of the furniture result in a décor that’s casual but also elegant. The kitchen has an industrial feel but it’s not attached to the dining room or to the living room.

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In the living room there’s a cozy seating area with upholstered benches facing each other. One of the walls is covered with personalized items. In this case we have a vintage furniture but it’s not the important detail that makes it stand out. The beautiful artwork is the detail that completes the whole décor. The chandelier is very lovely but so is everything else.

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