You can find some interesting and beautiful headboards in stores today but they don’t necessarily match with the décor. In fact, they don’t belong in that particular style of bedroom where the atmosphere is serene and calm and where the atmosphere is comfortable. It’s why custom headboards are so appreciated. They are a more elaborate investment, as you can be sure you’ll have a very comfortable and beautiful headboard.

The Bianca Biappi is a really nice headboard that is guaranteed to look wonderful in the bedroom. It has a simple and pure design and it’s handcrafted from natural fibers of recycled paper. It’s handcrafted and means that each one of these two models has its own particularities and its own character. It’s like having two different heads, each with its own personality and you can choose to match them or to prefer one of them for the rest of the room.

You can opt for the queen size or king size and the price will vary according to the model. For the queen-sized version the price is $999.00 while for the King or Hollywood king version it’s $2,000.00. The bed has a total of 5 twin-size mattress. It can be purchased separately or as a complemented bed. Of course, if you order the bed now you’ll also get a five-day free shipping period. You can order it for a specific location and you can have it shipped anywhere in the world.