The Chapel is a unique building located in Krakow, Poland. The building was actually a century old and it has been there for 300 years. However, when the current owners bought the place and decided to renovate it, the already existing building was already very deteriorated. So the new owners decided to start a new project and to renovate the chapel.

Even though it was a historic building, the church had to be renovated and not in a typical way. It got transformed and redesigned and now it’s a completely different structure. The project was developed by ARCHSTUDIO and it involves the transformation of the church into a black and white backdrop for the living spaces and bedrooms. The building now includes the Living Chapel featuring a minimalist design. It has a glass partition wall that allows the light to get inside. It has been colored in white and it has become the center of attention.

Chandelier Black And White Interior Design Photo 2

The purpose of this project was to create contrasts. The new contrast is inspired by the old building and it can also be seen from the living area that features dark blue walls complemented by a recent red carpet that can be found on the floor. The drapery is also vivid and colorful. Overall, the architects managed to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere and to make the old building part of the modern house. The psychedelic light fixture gives the room color and character. Some of the furniture pieces have been repurposed and a small table with two pink chairs was found to complete the décor.