Surprisingly many people don’t really bother design-wise because of the simple fact that it’s just a simple wall surface that can be repurposed into all sorts of things. But interior designers, architects and designers are everywhere and we’re only going to focus on the copper tub surround. Let’s see what exactly defines this particular design.

As the name suggests, the copper tub surround is a piece that connects the bathroom floor and the tub surround and that also serves as a decorative element. It’s a simple dime of splendor that adds a touch of elegance everywhere it goes. The copper tub surround has a very simple and sleek design. Its circular form makes it very versatile and allows it to be matched and also matched with a series of minimalist and contemporary tubs.

The copper tub surround doesn’t necessarily have to be copper. In fact it would be best if it were so and this way it would give the room more character. You can see it here paired with a minimalist white tub and a bold pink bathroom vanity. As you can see, the white tub itself stands out but the copper tub surround doesn’t necessarily have to be the center of attention.

There’s no rule that says a copper tub surround has to be the only adjacent feature in the bathroom. If you prefer at least a little bit of contrast between the materials you’re using and the colors used, find a way to integrate them both.

Copper Tub Surround By DIme Photo 4

Not all copper tub surround designs take advantage of the warm copper tone. By that we mean that you can have a tub and surround made of anodized, painted or sculpted copper which serves different purposes.

When introducing the idea of a copper tub surround, it’s important to create a picture that balances out the décor in the room. That’s difficult to do with just a few pieces. Consider the tub surround in relation to the floor, the tub faucet, the sink, etc.