When you’re living in a small space, the kitchen becomes superfluous. Most of the time there’s no need for a big kitchen. Especially when there’s a tiny apartment such as this one. This kitchen recently got a makeover. It was a project by Nuloom and it was a wonderful challenge.

The kitchen area is a small area most of the time so to make it seem bigger it has to be colorful as well. It turned out to be surprisingly simple. The colors chosen are simple and vibrant. The couple decided to go to the tailor and a professional for this project. The new kitchen is almost entirely white. It has a few neutral brown elements but the rest is usually white. The black floor tiles are also a simple and quiet accent element.

Bistro Kitchen Makeover For A Small Apartment Photo 2

The couple decided to go to the tailor for the makeover and the result was basically a blue and yellow décor. The new kitchen is simple and bright, it’s functional and filled with natural light coming through the window. The blue mosaic floor fresco was created using water-based adhesive. It’s a simple and ingenious way of making a room seem bigger.

Bistro Kitchen Makeover For A Small Apartment Photo 3

The couple was diagnosed with l, from the nightmares that are created by the lack of natural light and therefore blue and yellow became black. This is a clear symbol of the age of this space. Overall, the kitchen is functionally and practically modern. It has a simple and practical design and it features an interesting twist with the mosaic.{found on howaboutblack}.