This is a building located in Westchester, New York, USA. It covers an area of 1100 square meters and it was designed in 2010 by J & J Architects. The clients requested a relaxation area and they wanted it to be placed in a building defined by clean lines and pure aesthetics. The architects used this information as a starting point for the project.

The clients wanted to find a way of enjoying their private relaxation in a beautiful setting. For that they needed a space very relaxing, a space that would be able to immerse them in nature and to allow them to get back to their thoughts. The architects chose to create a simple interior design focused on off-shutter concrete panels, white as a main color and with a few carefully selected adornments. They also wanted the room to have a strong industrial presence without being too cold.

The result was a contemporary villa with an elegant, minimalist interior design and with large windows and glass walls that connect the interior spaces to the exterior. The living area opens onto a beautiful kitchen with black granite slabs and with a built-in black island. The kitchen is connected to the dining area and to the outdoor area. The ceiling of the kitchen is lit by a series of oval and rectangular skylights.

Relaxing Room Designed By J & J Architects For The Westchester Residence Photo 3

They also wanted an area where the inhabitants could sit comfortably in a comfortable area. They’re a few meters away from the dinning area. The bedroom is a small but simple and elegant space that offers privacy and confidence. It’s long and narrow, just like the rest of the house. It also has skylights and large windows and it’s been equipped with drawers and a custom walk-in closet. It’s a simple and very well balanced interior.