If you are a creative person who loves decorating their home and favor great design, then you will definitely try to take all your creations and create wonderful pieces of art. Naturally, at some point you get tired of painting the walls in the house, stringing the lights in the air and making all sorts of arrangements in the garden and their plastic lamps on the shelves. But there are some creative people who can use this tired technique to produce wonderful things like this beautiful candle holder.

You can use these beautiful candle holders to create a certain atmosphere in your home or even to serve as a base for some creative paintings. It depends on you if you want to buy some cotton candles or make them of silk or even linen depending on what type of design you prefer.

These candles have a base made of wood and that is why they all look so great when stuck to the base, except for the silver base that is now being used to cover the candles. They are served as a decorative item for the home or they can be used as candles in a special celebration. The item is available now for $24.95.