I’ve always said that a house should not have too much ornament and furniture and everything in it, at least not in my opinion. It should be simple and provide the basic and essential things for living in. It would make us feel safe, comfortable and some would say rich, luxurious and elegant. Well, I’m different and I’m not buying that. This cozy and simple house is the perfect home for those who love simplicity.

Located in the town area of San Agustin, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a gated community called Casa O’ in total, this single family house is the perfect place for a young couple with children. Designed by architects from NAAV and Meriton, this house has a very simple but also modern and colorful look. It’s a 250 square meter home plus a courtyard. It’s located in a hilltop neighborhood that hides a beautiful park and it’s surrounded by a lovely garden.

Cozy Minimalist House With Skylights And Natural Light Photo 2

The owners didn’t want to overcomplicate the design of the house and they didn’t necessarily use extravagant materials or colors but the overall image is very pleasant. Most of the original furniture was preserved and the pieces are very bright and colorful. There are a lot of colorful features in the house and they don’t all have to do with the overall style. They are part of the decor, the plants, the furniture and the accessories.

The architects managed to come up with a simple design for the ground floor. It’s a very cozy and inviting area that features a large sofa, an armchair, a library and a desk. The living room is also connected to this area and it’s connected to the kitchen. The architects used an eco-friendly paint which lasts for six months. If you want to renew your home then you can choose to go through the process and then replace the entire unit.{found on archdaily}