A powder room is small without being bland or boring. It needs to be practical while maintaining its delicate and stylish look. If you’re using white for the walls, then you can opt for metallic stripes or maybe even something a little more unconventional but still simple. A big ceiling window is not a new idea either so let’s see what options you’re left with.

Large mirror above the sink.

Powder Room Decor: What We Like And Don’t Like Photo 2

A large mirror can be a very interesting choice for the bathroom. If you feel like the space above the sink would be enough, then get a minimalist, make it a display area. Get a large mirror and lean it against the wall. You can also mount it on the ceiling.

Window with bookcase top.

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You can also choose to ignore the ceiling and opt for a different flooring. If you want, you can have a small bookcase placed on the wall, just above the sink and it can be the centerpiece of your bathroom. It can be a good idea to have one designed specifically for this space but there are also other options as well.

Hanging mirror over the sink.

A very simple way of adding dimension to your bathroom is by installing a hanging mirror above the sink. It’s a simple trick and it actually looks very stylish. You can get a model with a geometric design or a minimalist one.

Walls with sculptural detailing.

Another way of introducing texture into the bathroom is through the way you decorated the walls. To make the room feel warm and cozy, use wood, stone or even other materials. The walls can also be decorated with artwork.

Place the tub in front of a window.

If possible, the bathtub can be placed next to a window so you can take advantage of the natural light and view as you get ready for a relaxing evening. This can turn out to be the most relaxing bath ever.

A wall niche.

You can draw attention to your beautiful bathroom by using beautiful wallpaper, patterned wallpaper or bright colors. In this case, a niche would fit right in. Place it where you want to use it for storage or as a display space for decorations.

A freestanding tub.

If possible, get a freestanding tub. It will give the room a more spacious look and it’s basically the thing you want to relax in. Also, if you have the space, you can also get a tub with a similar design.

Hang the towel on the wall.

Jazz up your bathroom towel with some string. You can also decorate the bathroom walls with this beautiful accessory. Use the beadboard pattern to make the tub look extra cozy.