A unique side table is needed for every house and every home. Here’s a nice one that would look great in any space. The ‘Nerd’ nightstand is perfect for children as it has a nice animated face and it is big enough to store books, magazines, CDs, DVDs or any other gadgets you might need near the bedside. In fact the dimensions of the bedside table are 66.88?Wx34.85?Dx18.75?H. It’s a very simple but very beautiful nightstand. It has a modern design, with a simple round shape, no frills , no details and spare space. The wood has some beautiful marks and it complements beautifully the rest of the fabric.

The nightstand is made out of durable hardwood with a rich walnut finish and it includes a three drawer storage drawer inside that will help you keep your nightstand clean and organized. The drawer is made of solid walnut and goes through a pegboard located under the drawer front. This allows you to store there all the things you need, such as the charger cable, phone, book, alarm clock, a glass of water, etc. It’s a very simple and very functional nightstand.

Side Table Diy By Nickmeister Photo 2

Side Table Diy By Nickmeister Photo 3