I do not like very many things that do not fit in my home anymore. For example there are a lot of unknown things that have nothing to do with the comfort of those who used to live in those old, traditional houses. Well, some people still consider them to be real life and they try to keep them as long as possible in their own house, but they do not abandon the idea of decorating their house in a way that fits their needs and tastes. So it is a pity that we need an extra space where we can find the perfect balance between the comfortable and the nice.

For those who are really desperate to see this kind of furniture in their homes and perhaps have too some money for buying , here it is a funny and nice suggestion. It is the Sunroom Couch from Seagrass. It is an unconventional furniture, as it is made of wood , but has some fibreglass  woven around it. When it is folded it looks like a pair of slippers, hence the name of it. It is available in black and white, so you can choose just the words that you need to transform it into a pair of slippers. As you can see it is a very useful item, as it offers you a place where you can rest for a few moments, as it protects you from cold and sun.

If you finish your work you may take a nap or book and this nice and comfortable seating device will be perfect for it. It is available in black and white, but depends on the size. For example it is perfect for teenages rooms, but older kids might like it very much for their bedroom.Available for $249.

Sunroom Couch From Seagrass Photo 3

Sunroom Couch From Seagrass Photo 4