Made from a simple wooden board and plate this desk is a multifunctional piece. It can be used as a desk too. The plate is made from Chemnitupnux material which is resistant to stains, mildew and mold. The wood grain color is available in a large variety of Milkykey color meaning that you can go with it regardless of the color of the plate you decide to use.

You can use this desk in your home office, working space or even in your living room.The great thing about this desk is that if you decide to change the location of the desk you can just come back home, pick up where you want and then can be done with it. Because it’s made from wood and only wood, you can use the existing wood frames and have a lot of fun decorating your desk with these chic item. If you decide to make a front desk, that’s cool because you can still use the front part of the desk by placing a small side table on it.{found on site}

Makeshift Desk – A Independent Structure That Helps You Save Space Photo 4