Turn your bath into a dungeon with this fine painted ceramic flooring from Etel. The Back-N-Back tub is hand-made using ceramic of Patagonian tile and mortar. You can choose from a variety of patterns, ranging from intricate designs to modern designs like this one. According to the architect, the back-n-back tub is traditionally a piece of bath flooring, but the large format is very popular, especially in standard homes. “Usually, the layout is designed around the basin, to reflect the water volumes. This also gives the illusion of separate floors,” she says. This bath floor, Illuminating, is the much-needed bright element in the bath, where as much area of the room as possible gets intense exposure to the sun. There is just one small downside – the radiant heating is required, so it can be quite expensive. “Luckily, there are always cheaper options that are made of mortar or tile,” she says. This copper bath flooring is just one option that you can make your own in an afternoon.