Luxurious Bangkok home to fitness fanatic Cinzey Basaria wants to keep her fitness covered – in a glass wall. Performing swings for relaxation or practicing ballet after a hard day of work. She loves this place too. Looking at the space from the outside one can feel different, because of the natural light and the mirror it reflects. She has a special place with a large mirror that is perfect to show her she is in her relaxing place.

The furniture has plenty of natural wood and beige and fits perfectly the natural décor. The best part is that is stands out in the open space – without a doubt. It is a reflection of the owner’s personality.

The room has also a kitchen, because she has some small helpers. The bedrooms are simple but have the necessary touches: in the closets, in the windows and even in the bathroom. She has a simple but practical and smart apartment with space for all her activities.

Walls Of Mirrors Reflect Natural Light, Enhancing The Views And Making The Room Brighter Photo 3