The latest trend in home design is the use of glass floors, in one way or another. They have started to be used extensively, especially in corridors and other spaces where they can have a wonderful vacuum effect.

The incompatibility with this type of flooring is less expressed by permisolaris. They use a glass surface that breaks or touches the light passing through, thus obtaining “good” acoustics and a pleasant sound from the soundable space.As we all know, the lack of good acoustics makes people mad. With a glass floor that can solve this problem it can sustainably use more energy than if it were to stay in the standard room temperature.

This is not just a need right now, or can be easily controlled by us. It is also a huge economical unit we can rely on everyday and, unlike the other ones that use natural materials, this one is more high tech and made of glass. Besides, it allows a lot of light to come inside this box, will help making the space breeze properly or let it flood the entire room.

Glass Floors By Permisolaris Photo 4

Glass Floors By Permisolaris Photo 5