Although it seems odd, room dividers are very popular. They are a practical and functional alternative to the alternatives, especially when it comes to large open spaces or airy rooms. The most important advantage of these dividers is that they are colorless and they can be purchased in any number. Depending on the type of space you plan on organizing, you can choose the appropriate colors before you buy them.

1. The yard of the sliding doors.

I know, it seems like an obvious decision. Why would you want to separate your yard from the rest of the beautiful landscape that surrounds you? But usually people forget about this part and just get the yard and the garden built around them.{found on lakingsinteriors}.

Room Dividers Ideas For All Types Of Spaces Photo 3

2. The space underneath the stairs.

Sometimes the fact that you have a low space to work with can be useful. You can use it for storage for all the gardening tools and also for the large planters. Use the space under the stairs for storage. You can also create a covered space so you can hide the heating units and other things you don’t want everyone to see.{found on cdodds}.

3. Use the area under the stairs for storage.

If you’re really creative you can also use the space under the stairs for storage. For example, you can create a series of shelves and hooks that can fit in there and that can be for storage for shoes, bags, etc. You can use them to organize your shoes and you can also install a storage space for blankets, scarves or for towels.

4. Create a reading nook.

Your house is probably already well-organized and good-looking so all you can do is make sure it’s clean and organized. So maybe it’s time to work on this.A cozy reading nook would be a wonderful idea. You can turn the space under the stairs into a tiny bookcase, a cozy window seat or an extra storage space.

5. Use wall niches for storage.

Another great way in which you can use the space underneath the staircase is by creating built-in storage compartments for all the things that need to be stored. You can use these for storage for everything from cords and cables, memorabilia, personal photos, personal reminders and all sorts of other things.

6. Use it as a home office.

Most commonly, people use the area underneath the stairs for their home office. This is a good idea because it allows you to be efficient and use the space in a more comfortable way. You should be able to comfortably use the space underneath the stairs as your home office and you don’t need to invest in anything complicated.

7. Build a coat rack.

Another useful thing to do with the space under the stairs is to use it for storage. You can store your jackets and shoes inside there, you can store the blankets and pillows and whatever else you want to keep close to you when you’re going upstairs. Make hooks and hangers for the jackets and keep the scarves on the wall.

8. Install a chandelier.

A tiny little light placed under the stairs can be just what a bedroom needs to look cozy and inviting. A chandelier would be an interesting idea. You can have it hang on the wall, on the door or anywhere else you want. It would also be an eye-catching accessory, interesting decoration and something the room needs to look fresh and inviting.{source: diyshowoff}.