Marcantonio Bonacina designed the Positano chair. A beautiful chair, perfect for the bathroom, simply has aplomb a wide basket or a “lobby” in which to store shoes.The same chair was designed in the dining room as well, and it is called Positano.The versatility of the “lobby” allows the user to store a wide range of shoes, not all the same style and not all the same size. It is also useful that the top of the bench can also be used as a storage space.

The good thing is that the basket or the shoe storage “stand” does not have a harsh shape, it is made of wood and easy to store by a roll of dowel rods. About the practical aspect of this furniture in its design, we can mention that the upholstery is tactile and also cold, reducing the sense of coming in contact with the shoes.

The name of this modern and stylish piece comes from the Middle East culture, where it is called the Qiyen.

Shoe Stand By Marcantonio Bonacina Photo 4

Shoe Stand By Marcantonio Bonacina Photo 5