If you’re lonely without a place to put your things, then a fine solution is to rely on something else. A fine solution for this situation would be this type of pot rack. It’s an innovative piece that takes pot rack and supports instead of shelves or other types of storage systems. Moreover, it can be easily stacked up to six pots without a lot of space required in the hallway.

The shelves in this minimalist design are made of stainless steel so they will withstand the abuse of cooking and you’ll only need it once in a while to clean the place. The shelf has a very simple design and the only interesting detail is the look. The stainless steel units are separated into three similar shapes. This allows it to be simple and elegant in the same time.

The overall dimensions of this minimalist but very functional item are 10?Wx8?Dx18?H. It could very easily solve the storage problem and it’s also very functional. It’s simple and functional and it allows you to efficiently store your pots and pans. Moreover, it makes the kitchen look more elegant and glamorous. The shelves are easy to install but they have to be glued to the cabinets and they also take a lot of space. They each serve a different function.{found on site}

Stainless Steel Pot Rack By Inoxpiu Photo 3