This contemporary porch is located in the city of Jackson, in the state of Mississippi United States. It covers a surface of 1,000 square feet and it was designed in 2011 by METropole Architects, an architectural firm based in New York City, USA. The project was completed in 2012. The porch has a contemporary design and it’s actually a renovation of an existing residence.

The renovation included the addition of a new kitchen, new floors and new parking for three cars. Besides these changes, the porch also got a new roof, new walls and roof structure, as well as a new outdoor kitchen located at the south end of the house, framing the new terrace. The architects had to make some major changes before they managed to make the new space suit the new needs of the owners and their two young children.

The house had high ceilings, beautiful pine floors, big glass walls and a beautiful swimming pool. The interior was organized in a practical and functional way, so the living area was placed at the windows North to take advantage of the beautiful landscape. The bedrooms were placed in the other direction to provide views over the surrounding area. During the renovation process, the house also got an elevator, new floors, improved installations and a more efficient use of space.{found on archdaily}