Do you have a baby girl? Well, who doesn’t love princesses and everything that’s Princess-y? But have you considered adding a hint of pink to the nursery? To give her space a bit of fun, and perhaps also to achieve a sense of girlish charm, you may be interested in checking out these fun pink baby room ideas.

1. Lively and Flirty.

Start with the walls. Add a bit of print and then start using fun wallpaper. This entire area has a unique, playful flair with bright colors and lots of great, neutral tones. It’s fresh and playful, perfect for a playful and young girl’s room.

2. Luxurious and Luxurious.

If you’re lucky enough to have a room that comes with built-in mirrored furniture, then go ahead and create something that brings about a spirit of luxurious, celestial luxury. Pink is the color of royalty, and when paired with details and a bit of gold … it really brings out the inner child.

3. Modern and/or Contemporary.

Take a daring color and transform it into a modern masterpiece! This bathroom is immediately cooled down with the use of cool grey tiles that cover the tub and walls. But the pink is still very in-the-now and therefore fun.

4. Relaxed and Well Lived.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a room that’s both clean and fresh. This bedroom has a simple, chic and yet very livable, outlook brightened with the pink curtains and accents.

5. A bit Victorian and a bit Country.

Pink is usually a bit brighter than pink so it’s perfect for a bedroom that leans a bit more on the feminine side. This blended bedroom is highlighted nicely with the pale oak wood, modern light fixtures and patterned dresser.

6. A bit Textural and Enchanting.

This room is all about texture and this pink lit chandelier is beginning to show its true power. It’s rustic, it’s romantic and it’s completely charming in the nicest and most peacefulest of ways.

7. A bit Funky and creative.

This super subtle room with black and gray tones is super funky and contemporary. The overall style of the interior design is traditional, yet here feels like it’s strayed from that same tradition.

8. An elegant and sophisticated one.

You can always use pink as an accent to create a room that’s more elegant than the norm. This bedroom is huge and bolder than most, but still extremely comfortable and casual looking.

10. A bit vivacious and colored.

Again, this room is huge and bright. It’s an eclectic mix of styles with every form of whimsy coming from inside the bedroom. The pink makes it even more vivacious and fun.