When we have children we first think that it’s ok because it’s right, it’s safe and it’s nice to have a space that’s fun and nice looking at the other people. But it’s not so easy to make the room fun and attractive when you have a large family. For example, designing the kids room with swing beds is the perfect solution.

The swing bed is actually a very versatile piece of furniture that, in this case, completes the whole design of the room. It takes little space and it’s both fun and functional. By eliminating the traditional picture of a bed, you give the room a more modern and fun look. It’s a great solution for the room where you have a big family and you always want to add a special element to it. Most likely the bed will be the centerpiece, so if it’s not going to be the centerpiece then it’s better for the swing set to be as simple as possible, without any fuss.

Rustic Boys Room Decor With Hanging Beds Photo 2

In this case the swing bed was incorporated into a very beautiful and beautiful bedroom décor. The room features pastel green walls and a very nice combination of pink and brown. As you can see, the setup is pretty swanky, with pastel green walls and a white trim around the windows. The bed sits on a platform and there’s plenty of free space in between, just like in the case of the platform bed.

To make the room look a little bit cleaner and more modern, a very simple idea would be to opt for a transparent glass table that would bring out the color of the walls. Simple designs with flat tops are a great choice for this type of décor. In this case, the ceiling is also very interesting, featuring a geometric design that impresses but in a subtle way.

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