The key to creating a pleasant and elegant atmosphere that is perfect for a bedroom is not just a systematic interior décor idea but a combination of individual choices. Floral wallpaper is a perfect way of creating a romantic, vintage or dynamic bedroom with the right atmosphere without ignoring the décor details.

Today we’re going to present to you a very beautiful bedroom with floral wallpaper. This is an unusual combination of colors, especially in a Dutch apartment. Usually interior decors are colorful and loud. In this case the combination was very ingenious. The wallpapers have both a decorative and a practical role so they serve a double purpose. They complete the interior décor and they bring it closer to the atmosphere of the room.

Blue Bedroom Walls With Floral Wallpaper Photo 2

The colors sued are mostly natural shade of brown with some red accents. The wallpaper is printed with a hardwood background that has a matte finish. It’s easy to apply and it doesn’t present any prints or patterns. It’s a very beautiful and elegant combination of colors. Moreover, the floral pattern further adds warmth and beauty to the room. In one case the wallpapers match the beautiful antique furniture piece from the living room, which is a great asset to the room.

It’s a chic room, simple and elegant. The cherry wallpapers are particularly eye-catching and they have simple and elegant floral pattern. It’s a very stylish bedroom, a little smaller than the ones presented before. The other one is similar to the one presented before, in a slightly simpler style.{found on huisstyling}.

Blue Bedroom Walls With Floral Wallpaper Photo 5