In situ was designed the wooden cabin that serves as a weekend home for the clients. It’s located in the middle of the forest, with a sloping terrain and it occupies an isolated piece of land on which it was built. The cabin occupies an area of only 50 square meters. It has a small deck and two small windows that let light in.

The cabin sits on a small hill and it has a small porch facing the forest. The floor of the cabin is a huge glass surface that opens the room to the exterior and the forest views. The cabin has a wood-fired stove. Inside, it features salvaged interior pieces and it’s also equipped with modern appliances. It was a project by in situ and it was designed as a weekend retreat for the clients.

Cabin In Woods By In Situ Photo 2

The cabin, even though it might not seem like it, has a very strong connection with its surroundings. The wood that was used for the construction, the boards of wood that were salvaged and reclaimed, the boards of wood from inside the cabin and the plywood that present different but also similar characteristics are present in all the rooms.

Cabin In Woods By In Situ Photo 3

In terms of design, the cabin has a simple and chic design. The color palette includes white and gray. The interior is decorated on a neutral tone of brown and the flooring is oak. The cabin also has an outdoor hot tub built into the deck and a small bar and sauna.{found on designboom}.