Architecture is not just for the architects. When it’s time to decorate a home, everyone likes it. We also want it to be stylish and to look inviting and comfortable to come. This means that the decorations have to respect some criteria and these standards in this case are the shape and color of the room and the type of furniture used.

In the case of the living room, these requirements are very strict. They include the use of bold colors, the choice of lighting fixtures and the overall image and atmosphere that the décor needs to be comfy and inviting. To make sure that happens, you can try to create a casual look using shades of gray, white and black. This way you’ll have a minimalist interior décor that would still feel very inviting but not in an opulent manner.

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Sometimes it’s nice to add a touch of color to a neutral décor and to make it pop up. For example, if you decide to use shades of blue in your living room, you can have an accent wall featuring the color in a variety of colors. Depending on the shade you choose, the wall can either be plain white or a combination of gray and blue.

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Since blue is a cold color and red is an intense color as well, you’ll have to use color accessories to balance the décor and to create a harmonious interior décor. The color of the draperies would be a nice compromise.

If you decide to paint the walls of the room blue, then you can create a strong contrast with the walls that separate the two spaces. For example, if the walls are painted white, a blue accent wall should be a little brighter than the walls and, of course, in the case of open spaces, they should also be white.

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