When decorating a children’s room you don’t necessarily need to have a real tree in the room. It’s enough to have a decorative tree, but there are also other options to create a nature-inspired décor. For example, you can use decorations such as tree branches or shells. This bedroom in Casablanca,Moroccan/Avisharidas is one of the examples.

The first thing you notice is the beautiful colorful mosaic of tree branches on the wall. It’s an unusual element but the rest of the décor is simple and neutral. The rest of the room is decorated in the same style. White and neutral colors are complemented by colorful decorations. It’s not a very obvious but natural look for this room.

Moroccan Themed Bedroom For A Girl From Malaysia Photo 2

The bed has a very beautiful and fluffy white cover with a natural wood shade that makes it warmer and cozier. The canopy bed is white and transparent and it has the opposite covers that are pink and white. The bedding is also very beautiful. There are also some other details that make this room unique. The artwork displayed on the walls is one of the most impressive ones. Overall, the bedroom is very cozy and tranquil and the whole décor is perfect.

Moroccan Themed Bedroom For A Girl From Malaysia Photo 3