If you love the feel of a farmhouse and want to create a more contemporary look, then you should definitely decorate your home or office with a farmhouse-inspired theme. The key is to focus on simple and clean lines and to use warm textures and materials. The inspiration for all these ideas comes from collections such as the one offered on lizmarieblog. It’s a design focused on vintage furniture with a little bit of rustic and industrial charm.

In the case of a modern or contemporary home, a farmhouse-inspired interior design would be a perfect choice. All the elements are similar and the color play is quite similar to that of a typical farmhouse, especially when it comes to light fixtures and other accent details. This style would suit spaces like the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom or the more intimate areas like the bedroom. It’s a lovely and simple way of creating a home with a farmhouse-inspired vibe without actually including any rustic elements.{found on jennaburger}.

The bedroom is also a space that could use a little farmhouse charm. All the elements of the room should be simple and neutral and perhaps you can add a few traditional details as well. The headboard could be simple and white or a little more unconventional.{found on theweathereddoor}.

In spaces such as the living room, for example, you can mix and match different styles. You can have a vintage farmhouse-style sofa on one side of the room or something more modern on the other. The colors could be similar or they could contrast with the rest of the decor.{found on sarahstaceid}.

There’s also the possibility of combining two or more styles. For example, the rustic chairs could match the farmhouse coffee table or maybe you could have an armchair slightly shorter than the main one and accentuated by a chic pattern or color.{found on redmondaldrich}.

An authentic farmhouse bedroom suite would probably have some rustic charm anywhere you look. A canopy bed would be perfect for the bedroom in combination with a little worn around the edges. Of course, the whole point is to have a farmhouse bedroom in need of a makeover so keep the old look in style.{found on maddaldoucheras}.