Everyone likes privacy, feel isolated and boxed in. But when you are home, life is way too involved and you can’t have the coziness you like at home. The best way to cope is to look out the window and enjoy the solitude you find there, but taking a look out the bathroom windows can be kind of the best way to realize this and make a positive contribution with your house, too. Take a look at this wood and brick combination and how it turned out great in the decor of this window foyer.

I like it because it looks like a piece of nature made of wood, of course the wood isn’t real but the atmosphere is quite nice, especially when there is a bit of smoke in the house. I also like how the window is very simple and neat in shape and in some places there is a bit of exposed brick that keeps the smoke away. In this home if you have a big bathroom space you might want to use more privacy for your bathroom, so the design is very well thought in this regard. I can see no other decorative matter in this bathroom. Except the look in the design itself. It’s all about the simple things that make the space comfortable, and as simple and clean as possible. The white bathroom walls and ceilings and that neat little corner in the shower with a chair are great elements.

Rustic Window Shutter Face And Shelf Photo 4