BURLud Ranch is a contemporary home located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

It was designed by Liedstret Design and completed in 2012.

Boston Natural Surroundings And Contemporary Design Create Stunning Backyard Photo 2

Boston Natural Requirements:

Natural Setting:

The site for this home is one that is south facing with parcels of shallow, dramatic soil. The site is comprised of smaller properties with residential roofs ranging from 180 to 600 square feet that are mostly honeying areas with short captivating beach and wooded days.

The client’s brief called for a “modern farmhouse set within a historic district such that the natural surroundings – the bluest of which include a lake and farmland – intersect and need to be explored.”

The site had previously been granted “Residential Build-it-All” status. The site is excavated in an L-shape with four distinct layers of soil. The groundcover is organized by layers of s-stretched river rocks buried and framed by a granite embankment. An existing oak tree emerges from the natural surrounding.

The plan is simple. The public spaces are initially arranged in the middle of the house and include: the entry, a generous open living/dining room, the master bedroom upstairs, and a family room and exercise room.

The living room is an open volume with glass walls that slide and stack out of the way, blurring the line between interior and exterior. When open, it feels like one space. When it is closed, it becomes an intimate living room.

The entry is a dark space with ramps on both sides. One side leads up to the living room and the other to the dining area. The ramps then lead up to a back staircase, which leads up to the master bedroom upstairs.

The dining area is in the south facing twin room. This area takes advantage of the outdoor view. The back stairs to the main level are in the north, away from the dining area.

The kitchen is a clean, simple space of halogen to light the common spaces. The back walls are clad in wide boards of honey pine veneer that conduct light, creating privacy in the counters and surrounds.

The lobby space is to the north, taking advantage of the expansive views. The room has a lobby above the living space, and takes advantage of the south facing views by opening the south face of the room completely to the south.

The clients brief to use only domestic appliances, and not electric ones, suggested that this arrangement would subsequently evolve into an energy efficient house.

Spaces of conventional residency were nonetheless created, including a basement car park and garage, part of which can be used as a wine cellar.

The third bedroom is located on the first floor, alongside the gym. It takes advantage of the view towards the river and the park.