When you are a sports enthusiast you don’t want just a very simple room where to practice your sports – you want a brightly colored living space, full of energy and life vibes. The preference for sports is clear; you want to invest in sports-themed rooms where you can enjoy a culture and a good mood to relax after a long day of work. This room is called the perfect mixture of colors and food because in the kitchen it is actually decorated with a diving board, and the wall surrounding the dining room it is decorated with images of, let’s say, the American flag painted red, white and blue.

As you can see from the first photos, the owner of this room has a very clear idea of how this room’s food table should look and not just because it is decorated with flags, but because those flags are actually very original, and unusual, and they make the room full of energy and joy. For example the man who took care of all the catering business in the last half of the 1800s from hand-dressed dinner clubs and sofas to boxing events has a dozen of his favorites, and besides those, he also has a DVD collection, a collection to his suit and dresses and so on.

Sports Themed Room, The Perfect Combination Of Colors And Food Photo 2

The woman who wanted to buy the house asked the illustrator of this room what are your favorite sports themes for the kids to do. Well, she is very happy to tell you that she studied acting as an actor, and as a painter, and as a writer for various publications. The designer listens to her dreams and brings her into every one of her projects, having a close link with the reader.

Sports Themed Room, The Perfect Combination Of Colors And Food Photo 3

The room is decorated with images of: pigeons, butterflies, bees, tennis balls and as you can see in the pictures only the guys from the show are representing. The owner is a huge collector, and this room is the perfect place where he can display his beloved collection of sports memorabilia, perhaps some priceless ones and so on. The room is well-lit and the furniture is placed in key areas to optimize the natural lighting.

It is a large room, so everything inside has been carefully chosen to equip it with the perfect lighting ambiance, to make the task easier and to show the owner how good it is paying a lot to pay to hire a professional interior designer. All the furniture is vintage, because the owners have a taste for vintage and pretty colors. However, this whole room is equipped with the latest technology appliances, and the light in there is enough to make it appealing.