Kids are always attracted by strong and warm colors, fun and playful designs and playful patterns. It’s why it’s very difficult to make a room fun for them. You need to find the right combination of colors, the right décor, the right amount of storage space and, of course, functionality.

This is the bedroom of a teenage boy. It has been recently decorated by his parents. There’s not much to say about the décor because it’s already relaxing and perfectly serene. As you can see, the main color used here is white. It was used on the walls, ceiling, window membranes, bedframes, nightstands and even the rug. But there are also numerous other colorful elements that should be visible in this room. The chalkboard wall is a lovely touch as well. Kids love to draw on it and this is a fun way of doing it. I also like the colorful piece of artwork displayed on the wall.It’s the focal point of the room and, according to the theory, white should be the camouflage that hides the place.

The rest of the décor is white and this allows it to be easier to concentrate on the little details. There’s also a striped rug and an oval table. The room also has soft rounded white lighting fixtures and this accentates a little bit the coziness of the décor. There’s also a fireplace in there and this gives the room a particularly warm atmosphere.

The bathroom is a nook that houses a stainless steel sink and a small washbasin. The stainless steel fixtures are not just functional but they add style to the design. Even though this is a teenage bedroom, it doesn’t lack color. The décor is simple and bright and the lighting is pleasant and clever. We especially like that painting above the bed that features peaceful shades of gray. It’s simple but beautiful.