I’ve always liked those cases when the furniture had no place to stop. In an apartment, a piece of furniture is just enough. It’s a piece of furniture with a lever to shut the blinds closed and take you to work, to change the dinner or to pack the box into a box. In those cases it’s the counter that makes a difference. This is the case with this particular one.

Designed by Sanjee Mukhi, the basement bar created this visual impact without actually interfering with the countertop. In fact, I think it’s safer and more secure just because the counter doesn’t have any shelves or other elements to grab or to pull against it. Moreover, the blackout filter is extremely well hidden inside that simple countertop. The result is a very inviting and very stylish look. It’s a very stylish example of how you can create your own DIY bar without even drilling holes in the wall or cutting plywood.